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Teen Wolf
The television show Teen Wolf is under construction for Season 4.
In our industry, there's nothing more important than having the best materials available to build a set. We also feel it is vitally important to pick the right lumber company to make sure your order is complete and delivered fast AND FREE.

Our customers say we're the best in the business. We specialize in supplying set building materials and have been dedicated to the Entertainment Industry since 1996. We only stock the best materials and strive to make sure our customers are satisfied!

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Here are some of the most recent projects we had the pleasure of supplying.
The Comeback
The television show The Comeback is under construction for Season 2.
The Thundermans
The television show The Thundermans is under construction for Season 1.
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Pretty Little Liars
The television show Pretty Little Liars is under construction for Season 5.